Xbox is hosting another indie showcase on Twitch: Here's when to tune in

Back in March, Xbox and Twitch teamed up to host an indie gaming showcase. The showcase was packed with trailers of upcoming games and even some announcements of new ones, and it was apparently a good enough first showing for the pair to warrant a second go. As a result, Xbox and Twitch announced today that they'll be hosting another indie showcase next week, and they've confirmed some of the games that are on tap for the show.

The next /twitchgaming Showcase, as it's officially called, will be happening next Tuesday, August 10th, at 9 AM PDT/12 PM EDT. As with the last showcase, this one will be broadcast exclusively on Twitch, though you have two different channels to watch it on: the twitchgaming channel or the Xbox channel.

Obviously, Xbox and Twitch aren't going to reveal the entire lineup for the showcase before it premieres, but today the companies did say there will be some "brand new game announcements" from studios like Rebellion and Chump Squad. Some of the previous-revealed games we'll see during the show include The Artful Escape, OlliOlli World, Library of Ruina, and RPG Time.

Xbox has also confirmed that there will be news about Xbox Game Pass, so expect some of the games that are announced during the showcase to be destined for Microsoft's subscription service. We're also told to expect live demos, so it sounds like we'll get to see some games in action as well.

So, there you have it: Xbox and Twitch will host another showcase packed with indie games. We'll let you know about the major announcements to come out of the show, so be sure to check back with us on Tuesday for all you need to know.