Xbox Germany Says LIVE Friend Limit to Expand to 1,000

Evan Selleck - Oct 14, 2010
Xbox Germany Says LIVE Friend Limit to Expand to 1,000

We see it time, and time again. Some announcements are just too big, or exciting to hold back. That looks to be the situation over at Xbox Germany, who have announced via their Facebook page that the current cap on the Xbox LIVE friend list is about to be tossed out the window, and expanded to an almost ridiculous amount.

This particular feature wasn’t mentioned in the Preview Program that was just announced, and so far it doesn’t look like anyone testing the new Dashboard has actually seen the change that Xbox Germany claims to be coming. Interestingly enough, the post that claimed the 1,000 friend-capable friend list was quickly pulled from the Facebook page. It didn’t happen quickly enough, though, as a screenshot was taken, confirming that someone over there believes the friend list is getting a significant upgrade.

At the moment, the friend’s list on Xbox LIVE allows for players to have 100 friends. Another interesting point to the original Facebook status update, was the mentioning of a “Finder tab.” With this tab, you’ll be able to find new friends, while the details of that search are unknown. There’s no sign of this “Finder tab” in the preview version of the new Dashboard, though, so there are plenty of eyebrows being raised in confusion. Could Xbox Germany be talking about another update, further down the road? It’s possible. Or, the new feature could be a “bonus” for the official roll-out of the new Dashboard by the end of the year.

[via Joystiq]

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