Xbox Games With Gold for April includes Dead Space and Sunset Overdrive

If you're an Xbox Live Gold member, then one of the nicest perks of the program is the fact that you get a few free games every month. Sometimes the games are forgettable, but other times you'll find some great titles. This month's selection is certainly one of the best we've seen, for both consoles.

For the Xbox 360 owners out there, you'll get your first treat on April Fool's Day, though it's no joke. The first game on the list is Dead Space, which is a classic survival horror game. The only downside to getting it for free is that you'll want to go out and pick up the sequels after you finish it. Then on the 16th of next month, you'll be able to nab Saints Row IV. The previous Saints Row game was made free a couple of years back, during a GWG promotion.

Xbox One owners will be able to pick up The Wolf Among Us starting on the first, and Sunset Overdrive on the 16th. Both games offer a lot of fun, though in very different ways.

For those that have gotten rid of their old Xbox 360, it's still a good idea to grab those free titles anyway. Microsoft is working on making their entire catalog backwards-compatible, so eventually you should be able to play both games. And it only takes a few clicks on the Xbox website to add them to your library.

Source: Major Nelson