Xbox Game Pass kicks off October with Back 4 Blood and Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Microsoft has revealed the next batch of games headed to Xbox Game Pass in the first part of October, and it's quite the list of titles. For at least the first half of October, there are some clear leaders of the pack in terms of notoriety, as both Destiny 2: Beyond Light and Back 4 Blood are joining Xbox Game Pass this month.

Before those two arrive, however, we have several more games joining the service. First up is Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, which is already available through the cloud, console, and PC versions of Xbox Game Pass. On October 7th, it'll be joined by The Procession to Calvary and Visage, both of which are joining all three flavors of Xbox Game Pass.

October 12th is likely to be one of the biggest days Xbox Game Pass has seen in at least a little while. On that day, both Back 4 Blood (cloud, console, and PC) and Destiny 2: Beyond Light (PC) are joining Xbox Game Pass. Back 4 Blood will be a day-one release for Game Pass, and with no word from the Left 4 Dead franchise in more than a decade, there's a lot of hype riding behind its release.

On October 14th, The Riftbreaker (cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X/S) and Ring of Pain (cloud, console, and PC) will be added to Xbox Game Pass, with The Riftbreaker being another day-one release for the service. Finally, on October 15th, we'll see the addition of The Good Life (cloud, console, and PC), yet another day-one release for Xbox Game Pass to make three in the span of just a few days.

A fresh batch of incoming games means a new set of departures as well, and on October 15th, we'll see six games leave the service. Gonner2 (cloud, console, and PC), Heave Ho (PC), Katana Zero (cloud, console, and PC), Scourgebringer (cloud, console, and PC), Tales of Vesperia HD (console and PC), and The Swords of Ditto (PC) will all be departing on that day, so finish up quickly if you happen to be in the middle of any of those games.