Xbox Game Pass just added a very controversial title

There are a lot of noteworthy titles on Xbox Game Pass, but today, one of the most visible games in recent memory is landing on the service. That game is Fallout 76, which lately has been branching out from Bethesda's in-house launcher, as its Game Pass arrival follows closely on the heels of a launch on Steam.

Anyone who has been following gaming news over the past couple of years is likely to be very familiar with Fallout 76. Originally announced in May 2018, Fallout 76 was pitched as a multiplayer game set in the Fallout universe – or, more specifically, in a post-apocalyptic Appalachia. The game launched later that year, and the initial response from critics and players alike wasn't great.

In fact, it was overwhelmingly negative, and some of the things Bethesda did after launch didn't really endear anyone to the game. Still, over the years, Bethesda has been working on improving Fallout 76, launching the Wastelanders update, which adds NPCs to the game, earlier this year. Has Bethesda done enough to make the game good? That's for Fallout 76 players to decide, but this launch on Game Pass means that you can scope out the situation for yourself without first dropping $40 on the game.

Joining Fallout 76 on Game Pass today is CrossCode, an indie game that's received a lot of love on Steam throughout the years. Last week, Microsoft kicked off the month by adding Out of the Park Baseball 21 and Soulcalibur VI to Game Pass as well.

CrossCode and Soulcalibur VI are both exclusives to the console version of Xbox Game Pass, while Out of the Park Baseball 21 is an exclusive to the PC version; only Fallout 76 is available on both the console and PC versions of the game. It'll be interesting to see if Fallout 76 enjoys a big spike in player numbers because of this Xbox Game Pass launch, especially now that the Wastelanders update is available in the game.