Xbox Game Pass is getting a bunch of games this month

It seems it's a big month for Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft has revealed the games landing on the service this month, and there are a grand total of seven on the way. As always, there are some that are exclusive to the console version of game, but the majority of games for August will be available on both console and PC.

Perhaps the star of this month's batch of Game Pass titles is Darksiders Genesis, a relatively recent title that basically flipped the Darksiders series on its head. While the three Darksiders games before it were third-person adventure games, Darksiders Genesis is an isometric hack and slash game. It seems to have found some fans among the Darksiders faithful, so if you liked any of the three previous Darksiders games, it's probably worth a look.

Darksiders Genesis is exclusive to the console version of Game Pass, along with The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan, a survival horror game that puts players in the shoes of five friends who are stuck on a ghost ship. While PC players won't be able to check out either of those games, the console and PC versions of Game Pass are still getting five more games this month.

The titles that will be available across both console and PC include It Lurks Below, Trailmakers, UnderMine, Xeno Crisis, and Final Fantasy VII HD. While Final Fantasy VII HD might not be the full-scale remake that launched earlier this year on PlayStation 4, it's still worth playing if you've either never played Final Fantasy VII before or you're looking to relive some memories. And hey, with Final Fantasy VII Remake's year of PS4 exclusivity ending in April 2020, playing through Final Fantasy VII HD is a good way to prepare for a likely Xbox release.

All of these games, with the sole exception of Final Fantasy VII HD, are joining Xbox Game Pass on August 6th. Final Fantasy VII HD will be lagging behind the other titles by a week, as it won't be available until August 13th. Finally, Devil May Cry 5, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Space Hulk: Tactics, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, and Yoku's Island Express are all leaving on August 14th, so if you're currently in the middle of any of those games, be sure to finish them up before then.