Xbox game download feature allows pre-load before ownership

Early downloading of games to Xbox consoles via the Android version of the Xbox app was revealed this week. This system allows users to download any Xbox game to any (compatible) Xbox system regardless of purchase status. So the purchase of the game – digital or physical – only acts as a key to unlock the content you've already loaded to your machine.

Microsoft finally figured it out. Via the Android app for Xbox, and with relatively little fanfare, Microsoft released a feature that detaches the downloading of a game from the purchase of a game. But why would you want to download a game that you don't own, and cannot play?

There are several situations that this feature reveals, several moves that simply could not be made before this feature was delivered. Let's take a peek at the lot:

• Download a game now, save up money via chores at home, buy and play game in an instant.

• Download a game now, buy the physical disc version of said game (possibly cheaper than digital, you never know), and play said game as soon as it arrives in the mail.

• Download a game now, get used to the idea of the game being ready-to-play on your Xbox, motivate self to finish tasks around the house before buying and playing.

Sound like a good idea to you? Let us know if you plan on downloading any games before you own them via the Xbox app for Android, or forever hold your data!