XBox controller rapid-fire & macro mod

Obviously SlashGear doesn't condone cheating in games, but if you're like me (and rubbish at them) then, when playing casually against friends, you might sometimes wish you had a bit of extra help. AcidMods may be able to arrange that; their tutorial shows you how to add pre-programmed macro chips to your XBox controller, together with the new buttons to control them. That means shortcuts like rapid fire are a single press away.

In the first part of the tutorial AcidMods details the components and discusses adding the buttons. It seems you can get most of the parts for around $9.95 online. Of course it'll require some hacking of your XBox controller, so if you're a nervous modder then you might want to pick up a spare!

The second part deals with adding a switched chip socket to a standard controller. There's plenty of space inside, but accessing multiple setups on a single chip would be a chore so AcidMods have instead gone for a design where you can switch off the socket and swap out game-specific macros. Chips are available pre-programmed or, with a PIC programmer, you can make your own.

[via Hack-a-Day]