Undergoing Massive Facelift, Adding More Integration to Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7

Evan Selleck - Oct 19, 2010, 11:29am CDT Undergoing Massive Facelift, Adding More Integration to Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7

While the Xbox 360 is still an integral part of Microsoft’s business strategy, there’s no doubt that with the upcoming launch of Windows Phone 7, the company is looking to make some of their already utilized features a bit better, offering more integration with what’s to come. Major Nelson of Microsoft has revealed today that is going to go through a “massive facelift,” and when it comes back online tomorrow, early morning, there will be plenty of new features in store for visitors.

As of right now, is a portal for information about the Xbox 360. You can also sign into your Xbox LIVE account, check out what your friends are doing, send messages (as long as you have a Gold account), and even buy Xbox LIVE Arcade titles, as well as other games and items right from the site. But, that’s not good enough for Microsoft, and the upcoming changes are meant to add more integration between Xbox 360, Windows Phone 7, and the site. One of the new features is a way to change your Avatar’s features, and clothes, right from the website, thanks to a new browser-based Avatar editing program.

However, one of the biggest additions is the web-based games you’ll be ale to play on the website. Playing them is one thing, but you’ll also be able to play them with your Xbox LIVE friends, whether you’re on the website, or if you’re using your Windows Phone 7 device. However, Major Nelson doesn’t let us know if you’ll be achieving any Achievements in the process. Other features include a more streamlined way to access your messages, game invites, utilize Family Reports, and check out friend requests. Microsoft will roll out the changes tomorrow morning, beginning at 5:00am ET, when the site will go down for an unknown amount of time (it’s said to be a short time). When it comes back, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the above features. If you want to see what it will look like before then, check out the gallery below.

[via Major Nelson]

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