Xbox 720 specifications leak in waves

This week the Microsoft-made Xbox 720 has effectively been dumped out into the market with a leak of specifications so wide we've got to wonder if the pipes have burst. This update comes from Edge Online where word of Online-Only playability was noted earlier today. While that bit of information appears to be just as possible as impossible, the rest of the bits and pieces seem to be more willing to stick for a final release.

With the information coming from what Edge calls "first-hand experience", this suggesting above and beyond the everyday average "sources familiar with the matter" – though in the end, an anonymous source is just that. That said, these sources have tipped a 50GB Blu-ray disk-running console with disks shipped toting activation codes galore. Of course the idea that disks will have activation codes once again suggests that we're working with DRM material – we shall see!

Inside this machine it's said that there will be an AMD octa-core (8 CPU cores) x64 processor clocked at 1.6GHz per core. This processor will be joined by the beastly D3D11.x at 800MHz for graphics as well as 8GB of DDR3 RAM. That means that this machine will – surprise – be a monster in both its ability to process data and display graphics.

This machine will quite likely be working with many of the same services the Xbox 360 works with today, with the major changes coming in the hardware features, top to bottom. Connectivity with your mobile devices, smoother integration with your Microsoft systems – Windows 8, of course – and perhaps even a more fashionable looking case will be on the way. Have a peek at the Xbox 720 timeline below to make sure you're up to date on all things next-generation Microsoft gaming console right this minute!

[Concept Art via Yanko Design]