Xbox 720 integration tipped for TITAN mech exclusive

Brittany A. Roston - Apr 30, 2013, 8:14 pm CDT
Xbox 720 integration tipped for TITAN mech exclusive

Rumor has it Respawn Entertainment is working on a science fiction online shooter mech game that will be an Xbox 360 and Xbox 720 exclusive. The project is said to have been underway for some time now, and a teaser image has been released, which you can check out in all its blurry wonder after the jump. This information comes from multiple sources that spoke to Kotaku.

The sources who spoke to Kotaku said that the game is a “battle of Davids and Goliaths,” with the Davids being foot soldiers decked out in heavy armor and the Goliaths being huge exoskeltons called Titans, which are piloted by the soldiers. Reportedly, the Titans are more agile than similar offerings found in Steel Battalions and Mechwarrior.

To keep the Titans from pummeling everything and everyone into the dirt, the game maps keep the number of them allowed in game play to a limited amount and foot soldiers are equipped with weapons that allow them to destroy the mech machines. Such a rumor follows in line with some recent trademarks that Respawn Entertainment has nabbed, including things like “Titan” and “Titanfall.”

The sources went on to say that the game will allow for 16-player matches, and that it will run on the Valve Source Engine. A gamer’s own progress is implemented into an “overall balance of power” via the utilization of a faction system. While nothing official has been said and no hard dates were given, word has it the game will be, at the least, playable by next year.

[via OXM]

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