Xbox 360 Will Be Usable As Set-Top Box For AT&T U-Verse Streaming

If you own an Xbox 360 and are lucky enough to live in an area where you can get the AT&T U-Verse streaming TV service, Microsoft and AT&T have an interesting announcement. You will be able to stream the U-Verse programming through the Xbox 360 starting next month. The program has a few caveats though so you can't just sign up and start watching it seems.

Apparently, AT&T wants to charge you some tuner rent so you must have at least one box already in your house to use the Xbox service. The upside is if you have a house with multiple rooms that need a receiver you can save the rental on a second box by using the Xbox.

The second caveat more likely to be a deal breaker for many is that you must have an Xbox 360 with an internal HDD and available space. Arcade owners need not apply. The service will officially launch on November 7.