Xbox 360 vs Stove - I suppose we'll call it a draw

If you're the owner of an Xbox 360 there's no need to tell you that they have a tendency to overheat. You'd have to be living under a rock to not know that if they get too warm you'll get a wonderful Red Ring of Death. Therefore it should go without saying that you really shouldn't put one of these on the stove.

If you're having a LAN party and run out of room to set your 360 do not, under any circumstances place it on the stove. That's just asking for something bad to happen. That's exactly what happened to this guy, and apparently the burner was on. That's a bad ring of a different kind.

Are you waiting for the ironic twist? Well, he was so concerned about heat that he actually installed a 3rd-party cooling device. The amazing thing is that the 360 still works. This guy got lucky, if you think a hole in your case is cool, I don't recommend taking this route to make one.

Yes, Stoves Do Melt Xbox 360s [via kotaku]