Xbox 360: Shred Nebula release date announced

Emily Price - Aug 11, 2008, 8:38 am CDT
Xbox 360: Shred Nebula release date announced

A release date has been set for the Xbox 360 game Shred Nebula. The game, the first title to come from CrunchTime Games is expected to be released September 3rd for Xbox Live Arcade.

Shred Nebula is an asteroids like space game where players shoot up obstacles that come in their way. The game features single player and multiplayer games as well as live ranked games and System Link. There are 40 different environments to travel through, and the animation in the game is expected to be awesome.

In an interview with IGN in December game developer James Goddard said “I had waited since I was 11 years old and played Asteroids for the 1st time (I just turned 40) to make this sort of game…The game is a pure work of passion and made with our corporate attitude from the top-down: Gameplay with Impact.”

Look for it September 3rd.

[via IGN]

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