Xbox 360 Pro Goes to the Wayside, Elite Drops in Price

It looks like Microsoft isn't phasing away only one of their products, but this time the end result is a bit different.  We aren't expecting a new Xbox any time soon, but we have all been hoping that the Xbox 360 Elite would get dropped in price, and it looks like that time is quickly coming upon us.

As this shot from a Meijer catalogue due on August 30 suggests, it looks like the Pro is out the door, and the Elite is finally seeing a price that everyone can agree on.  Of course, the rumor that this was going to happen started with Ars Technica's elusive Microsoft mole, and ventured to say that the Xbox 360 Pro model would eventually be phased out, removed from the market, and then the Elite would subsequently see a price reduction.  So basically Microsoft is moving things around, and cutting back the unnecessary systems to leave only two behind: the Arcade version (still missing the hard drive), and the Elite (with its 120GB hard drive).

As the catalogue suggests, it will be a couple weeks before this takes effect, and we're not so unhappy about it.  The Pro caused a lot of problems for people, with its problematic Red Ring of Death (RRoD) and E74 messages, but it's still hard to see a system go.  Even if it's getting replaced by its sexier, matte-finished big brother.

[via Kotaku]