Xbox 360 power bricks are only covered by 90 day warranty

I love my Xbox 360, I'mno fanboy, as I love all of my consoles equally. Well, except for my old Sega CD, but I've made peace with that. Despite my love for the console, I do worry quite often about the dreaded RRoD. What I don't worry about is my power brick dying on me. Apparently I should.

How long do you think the warranty lasts on your power brick? The console itself is covered for a year (up to three in many RRoD cases), so since the power brick is required for the console to even power on, it must be covered for the same length, right? While it is not explicitly stated anywhere I have seen, they are apparently considering the brick to be an "accessory" as it is only covered for 90 days.

One customer found this out the hard way when his console's power brick went south. He talked to Microsoft regarding his warranty and was told that since his purchase was from six months ago (well outside the 90 days of coverage) he would need to pony up $80 for a new one. Seriously Microsoft, why would you only provide a warranty for 90 days on a required piece of hardware? I hardly consider the power brick to be an accessory.

[via NeoGaf]