Xbox 360 keyboard attachment coming this summer

Xbox 360 owners, if you've been waiting to be able to chat with your PC-using friends the wait is (almost) over. During the week of May 7 Microsoft will release their Xbox 360 Spring Update. They have confirmed that the update will allow players to chat with PC users.

I know that my first thought when I heard this was who would want to chat that long on their 360? Granted, you can plug in a USB keyboard and chat away, but most people I know play on their couch, and it's a pain to balance your keyboard on your lap and type. Don't get me wrong, it can be done, but I've never found it enjoyable. But fear not, avid chatters! Later this summer, you'll be able to chat comfortably from your 360 controller.

Microsoft announced that they will release a full QWERTY keyboard attachment for their Xbox 360 controllers. It will slide into place underneath the controller and plug in the headset jack. It may not be the best keyboard to type on, but if you've ever typed any length on a mobile phone with a slide-out keyboard, you'll feel right at home. No word yet on how much this accessory will cost.

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