Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive $50 at Best Buy

James Allan Brady - Feb 25, 2008

You also still get the 5 free HD-DVDs by mail in rebate. Sure, the format’s dead, but if you already have an Xbox 360, the $50 price would be worth it just for the Universal Media remote that comes with and the DVD upconverting that this drive can also do.

Then there is the thing with the 2 extra USB ports which would give you enough ports for Rock Band without having to use that stupid self-powered USB hub that comes with the game. Then there is the upside that if you already have any HD-DVD discs, or if you intend on buying some when their prices hit the floor, you’ll have what is quite possibly the cheapest player around for them.

Get them while they last, as Chris Barr mentioned, they have quit making them, which I am pretty sure is because Toshiba were the manufacturers of the drives. Just click the via link to land yourself on the purchase page, its $49.99 plus shipping which is $4.99 estimated, or you can pick it up in store.

[via BestBuy]

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