Xbox 360 gets a price cut in Asian markets

It's no small secret that the Xbox 360 isn't doing nearly as well over in Asia as it is here in the US. It's understandable since both Sony and Nintendo are from the region and already have a wide install-base. Microsoft won't give up though, in a move that will hopefully drive more sales, they are cutting the price of the 360. Only in the Asia markets though.

Depending on where you go and which version of the console you purchase, you'll see a price cut of between 5 and 20%. Surely a big fat 20% discount will stir up a bit of excitement. Hit the jump for a brief statement from Microsoft on the matter.

This price drop is part of Microsoft's ongoing strategy to bring Xbox's high-definition gaming and entertainment experience to an even wider user base," Microsoft said in a statement.

[via CrunchGear]