Xbox 360 Elite in the wild

Are you just itching to get your hands on an Xbox 360 Elite? Well thankfully major retailers feel that they no longer need to adhere to strict release dates. It appears that at least one Target store has released them early.

If you your local store isn't selling them yet then there is one other place you can look: eBay. That's right, the lucky guy that snagged one at Target is happily setting it on the auction block. The bidding is currently over $800. Would you really pay $800 for a console that will be released less than a week after you get it? No you wouldn't, you'd actually pay more.

Lets say that you are the winning bidder at the current $810. If no one else bids, you will win on the 21st of April. Which means if you get the Next Day Air, it will cost you an extra $120 (priced based on my location) and it won't arrive until Monday the 23rd. Or you could pay half that and have it arrive on the 25th. That's a lot of money just to say you got it a few days early.

Xbox 360 Elite hits eBay, Target oblivious to street date [via jostiq]