Xbox 360 Dashboard updates start tonight for Xbox LIVE members

Earlier today we found that the Xbox 360 Dashboard update promised for today was just a bit delayed – now we learn from Microsoft's Major Nelson that though the update was delayed through much of today, the first set of customers will be getting their Xbox LIVE update within the next few hours. For those of you just learning about this situation now, Microsoft is updating your Xbox 360 with new software today if not inside the week with several new bits of functionality. Amongst changes are updates to your Kinect sensor (if you have one) and new bits of content in your streaming TV service.

You'll find that the update will be rolling out for users in some areas of the United States in just a few hours (read: today) and will continue throughout the next few days barring any giant holdups like we had this morning. Inside the update you'll find that changes include gesture and speech-controlled navigation throughout the menus of the console, a comprehensive streaming media update for Xbox LIVE, and connectivity with a brand new Windows Phone controller app. You'll certainly want to make this update come on through as soon as its available to you.

When you've got your update pulled through the keyhole you'll find that this new "Xbox TV" system has a good possibility of breaking through the chains put up by Apple and Google's solutions already on the market. Let us know when you get the update and tell us where you are in the United States (or if you're abroad) when the update happens. Then of course feel free to tell of how lovely the update is and if it has a chance of changing the world as well – excitement!

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