Xbox 360 controller crammed inside of big brother

Chris Scott Barr - Sep 20, 2007, 12:46 pm CDT

Man, I remember back in the good old days when the original Xbox hit the scene. You couldn’t hardly look at a gaming site without someone making fun of the huge controller that came with it. If you want to re-live the excitement with your 360, you’re in luck. Thanks to that crafty modder Ben Heck, you can use that old mammoth-sized controller with your 360.

I’m not quite sure what Ben was thinking here, as I can’t think of many people that would trade their sleek 360 controller for the fat boy that came with the original. Either way, it’s still a cool idea. For the most part, it actually ends up looking about the same as it ever did.

xbox controller

I’m going to guess that this was one of Ben’s easier mods. It’s not every day that you actually put the contents of one device into one that’s nearly twice as big.

xbox controller swallows xbox 360 controller [via technabob]

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