Xbox 360 contollers - Now in three new colors

It's not enough that Microsoft is going to blow us away with their cool new mouse, no they're going to wow us with more new hardware launches. This latest one pertains to the Xbox 360..

I don't know what it is about Microsoft that makes them think they need to release everything in several different colors over time. Yea, Apple releases a bunch of colors, but they do it all at once. Microsoft has to drag their feet and give us a pink Zune long after the launch or release the Xbox 360 Elite over a year later in black. Now they're giving us Xbox 360 controllers in three vibrant new colors.

Granted, the black controller isn't new, but you can currently only get one by purchasing an Xbox 360 Elite. In addition to the black controller, you'll also have the choice of pink and light blue. Why couldn't you have given us these choices when you launched the console?

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