XBOX 360 at 66 Million Worldwide, Kinect Nearly Doubling at 18 Million

The post-holiday sale numbers are looking good for Microsoft's XBOX 360 and Kinect. By the end of Q1 Microsoft reported 57.6 million units were shipped. That number has increased by almost 10 million, with some thanks going to the recent holiday season. In a 2011 roundup video released by Microsoft, the XBOX 360 has sold 66 million units.

The XBOX 360 isn't the only one that should be receiving applause for number of units shipped. Motion-sensing device, Kinect continues living up to its original hype with the sale of 18 million units, nearly double the 10 million units sold as of March 2011. The Kinect has been doing so well that it was featured in Guiness World Records. From November 2010 to January 2011 Kinect sold 8 million units, making it the fastest-Selling Consumer Electronics Device.

More good news for Microsoft comes in the form of their XBOX Live user base. There are currently 40 million people who use the service. Those in attendance at CES are expecting to hear more awe-worthy statistics from Microsoft's Steven Ballmer.

[via Joystiq]