XBox 360 And LIVE Revelations: Only Used For Gaming 60 Percent Of The Time

Just today, corporate vice president and chief operating and financial officer of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business mister Dennis Durkin addressed attendees of BMO Capital Markets Digital Entertainment Conference in New York. He said unto them: 40 percent of the members of XBox live are using their time on the console for activities other than gaming. In that number are people using Netflix, listening to music using Zune and apps, and clicking around and updating their Twitter and Facebook. NOTE: for your edification, I note that Durkin was only speaking about humans.

Durkin noted that these members who are, for whatever reason, not using their XBox 360 to play games, are still using their console an average of three hours online a day. It's as if, I think, they're using them like, stay with me here: a computer! "What we found is the core gamer might be the person who brought the console into the house, but as you widen the choices of content, it broadens what people can do with the system," noted Durkin.

He also had a bit of a note on the Kinect: "Everything we've been shipping has been selling," citing GameStop and Toys"R"Us reports telling of sellouts. He also mentioned the always frightening (to me) prospect of advertising on the console, speaking specifically on figuring out their audience: "It's hard to track though with a controller-based system," Durkin said, "Kinect brings a really interesting opportunity as it relates to that. Obviously with Kinect, it has facial recognition, so we can cater what content we present based on who you are." Severely creepy.

[Via Cnet]