XBOOK ONE X laptop mod offers keyboard option, bigger screen

EdsJunk has been making and offering mods of nearly every Xbox and PlayStation generation, turning them into portable versions of themselves. Depending on your definition of "portable". But while the modder calls them "laptops", they're really only laptops in their clamshell form. With the new XBOOK ONE X, however, the mod comes close to actually being a laptop. Now the hulking briefcase turned semi-portable Xbox One X includes a laptop-sized keyboard, but only if you ask for it.

No, it's not yet another proof that keyboard and mouse support is fully coming to the Xbox One platform. The keyboard here is more for convenience of text input and menu navigation. But when it does finally arrive, the XBOOK ONE X will be ready. Except that it doesn't have a pointing device like a mouse, trackpad, or even track point.

The keyboard is purely optional, but even without it, the XBOOK ONE X is still unique. It is larger than EdsJunk's slimmer mods, sporting a 21.5-inch 1080p ViewSonic display. The 19-inch console laptops only go as far as 720p. Of course, you always have the option to go 4K if you connect an external 4K screen via the HDMI port.

The ports and buttons are pretty standard. On the back, you get the said HDMI port, power port, digital audio out, and 2 USB ports. If you opted for keyboard, however, you only get one USB port on the back. You do, however, get another one on the front, where you'll also find the Xbox One X's original button.

The XBOOK ONE X is naturally larger, bulkier, and heavier, which is the natural price to pay to get a larger screen and a console you can play anywhere. At least anywhere you can find a power outlet. The other price to pay is the increased cost, now at $2,500 for a complete mod, versus the $1,600 of the other mods.