Xacti DMX-HD1000 reviewed

James Allan Brady - Feb 20, 2008, 11:32am CST

Akihabra News has a review up of the newest Xacti, overall they seem to like it for what it is, a digital camcorder, and an HD one at that. They say the video quality has received a big boost.

The brightness is good from F1.8 all the way to F2.5 at max zoom, the 720p and 1080i are there, even though they recommend 720p. The 1080i function requires a special codec that is apparently absent from a number of media players, they also didn’t seem to like the lack of a wide angle lens instead of the super zoom 10x lens that the HD1000 has.

The photo quality has actually dropped, but on the upside, they say you can take pictures while video recording which would be nicer than doing a screen cap of the video later on. Lastly, they liked the HD at 12MBps and the new 720p and 1080i modes, but the image stabilization and AF need some work as well as the aforementioned codec and lens issues.

[via akihabranews]

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