X-Rite unveils ColorMunki Smile color calibration solution

X-Rite has been peddling color calibration solutions for a long time in its ColorMunki line of products. The company has announced the addition of a new entry-level color calibration solution called the ColorMunki Smile. The device is aimed at hobbyists, design enthusiasts, gamers, and other users who want accurate and correct colors on their computer displays.

The Smile includes a color measurement device and simple software. The software is wizard-based and uses graphics and video animation so users only have to follow on-screen instructions for quick and easy color calibration. X-Rite says that users don't need to know anything about color science to get quality results using the Smile.

The device uses the same color profile technology as the company's professional color calibration products. The Smile will work on LED or LCD displays. The Smile allows users to calibrate multiple monitors accurately and the software automatically detects when multiple monitors are connected to a single Mac or PC to allow for color calibration on each screen.

The Smile connects to a computer via a USB port and supports both Windows and Mac computers. The device also supports multiple languages, including English, French, German, and Spanish. The Smile is available right now for $99.