X-Men Apocalypse full trailer spills ALL the details

No, true believers, this film will not feature our most favorite of Marvel Comics villains. It will have no Onslaught – but if we weren't wise to the fact that this wasn't, we might think it was. What you're about to witness is a trailer that might change your mind about X-Men Apocalypse if you'd felt sour to the idea before. Not just because the main bad guy is a Power Ranger villain. He wasn't just made by Rita Repulsa.

Here you're going to get ALL the Bible references. You're going to see this alternate reality turned inward. This trailer is going to reveal EVERYTHING about the movie to you, if you care to be spoiled. Yes indeed, programs, you're going to want to turn on the SPOILER ALERT sign for this one, because it's full of details.

So Apocalypse has been hard at work over the past several thousand years, aiming to become the most awesome of mutants. He was the first, we all know it. Now we'll get to see whether or not he wants to keep the world for the mutants or decide to destroy it all. We know what Onslaught would do.

Beware the four "horsemen" as well. This is our first retro look at Storm as well as Jean Grey in full action – powers beyond what they have in the future!

Above you'll see a fan-made trailer as well. There you'll see the first glimpse of Apocalypse we've seen in a previous X-Men movie. Fancy!