X-Keys Speed Dialer makes shortcuts and macros easier than ever

Chris Scott Barr - Jun 6, 2007

Keyboard shortcuts are great, they make things so much easier to do, even if it’s just something simple like copy and paste. However, many people can’t seem to remember even the most basic of shortcuts. That’s where the X-Keys USB Macro Key Speed Dialer comes in.

The X-Keys is basically just a set of 16 programmable keys that you can set to just about any function. This of course means that you can assign macros to these keys as well. So it might not just be for those that can’t remember shortcuts, gamers and power users would be able to get use out of it as well.

It is designed to fit on a standard-sized keyboard just above the F-keys. You can also stick it to your monitor as well. The price is its biggest downfall. $99.95 is too much for a set of 16 keys, it can’t possibly cost that much to make these.

X-Keys USB Macro Key Speed Dialer [via everythingusb]

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