X-Arcade offers Wii U controller adapter

X-Arcade makes some of the coolest arcade controllers out there that will take you right back to the arcade of your youth. The company makes large controllers with big joysticks and big buttons that appear to have come right off the Pac-Man game from 1980. The cool part is that the company also makes a number of adapters allowing you to use that controller with just about every game console available.

If you own one of these controllers or have your heart set on Santa bringing you one this year for Christmas, a new adapter for the controller is up for pre-order right now. X-Arcade is offering a new adapter allowing you to attach an X-Arcade Joystick to the Nintendo Wii or the coming Wii U. The adapter allows the big and beefy X-Arcade Joystick to plug into your existing Wii Remote.

Once connected, you can control the action on any video game designed to use the Wii Classic Controller using the much more robust X-Arcade Joystick. The adapter is available for pre-order right now and is set to ship in November. Pricing for the adapter is $59.99.

The adapter also allows users to play with any PS2 controller on the Nintendo console. The adapter will support dual players but requires dual Wii Remotes for two-player action. The adapter doesn't support vibration feedback.