Wyze users can now access emergency services in its smart home app

Smart home company Wyze has announced a new partnership with Noonlight that brings a new emergency services feature directly to its mobile app. With this, Wyze device owners can easily access emergency services from within the Wyze app, eliminating the need to separately dial 911. The feature works simply by tapping an emergency button found within the mobile app.READ: Wyze Bulb Review: An $8 smart light

Noonlight is the company formerly known as SafeTrek; it offers a security app that can be used to trigger emergency services with the tap of a button and is already in use with services like Tinder.

Under this new partnership, Wyze users get direct access to the same feature within the Wyze smart home app, the same one used to access their connected devices and security cameras.

The feature has an obvious use — Wyze's security camera products include a number of safety features that are found within the app, including things like motion alerts. If you get an alert from one of your home security devices and think it's reasonable to contact emergency services, you'll now be able to do this directly in the app, meaning you won't waste time dialing 911.

According to Wyze, tapping the feature will trigger a response from Noonlight's platform, which will then contact the local first responders or safety agencies on the user's behalf. This is similar to the safety features found in a growing number of apps, particularly social ones like ride-hailing apps.