Wyze teams with Noonlight to offer smart home users 24/7 monitoring

Budget smart home company Wyze has announced an expanded partnership with Noonlight that offers its customers 24/7 monitoring services. The new option, which comes with a small monthly fee, combines the DIY nature of Wyze's smart home devices with Noonlight's monitoring service, making the overall system a bit more useful for security-minded users.

You may be aware of Noonlight's mobile app that offers users safety features for when they're out on the town, including the ability to get help if you feel like you're in danger. The company also works to facilitate security monitoring for some IoT products, Wyze being the latest on the list.

According to Wyze, its customers can sign up for 24/7 monitoring for $4.99/month. With this service, Wyze device owners can be connected with local law enforcement and Noonlight's agents when, for example, a motion sensor is triggered.

As demonstrated in the image above, users will receive messages from the Noonlight team and can, when applicable, send a simple text message to let the agent know a triggered sensor was a mistake. The app likewise enables users to disarm their Wyze IoT devices, specify when they're home, and switch to 'away' mode with a tap.

The app shows which devices are active, status such as whether a door is open, and when the system is armed. Wyze's Sunny Wu explained:

Expanding our partnership with Noonlight has allowed us to extend our 24/7 smart home monitoring services to our customers, at a fraction of the cost of most competitors. We are inspired by Noonlight's vision for the service, understanding of the market, technical implementations and looking forward to seeing how we can deepen the layer of home security to our customers.