Wyze Lock Google Home integration is now rolling out

There has been an explosion in smart home appliances in the past years but the most common kind has been smart lighting and smart locks. The latter has sometimes proven to be a bit controversial, considering their security implications. Wyze's smart lock, however, has been criticized for a different flaw, one that prevented it from connecting to Google's nearly ubiquitous smart home platform. That has finally changed, however, and the Wyze Lock now finally speaks Google Home's language so that you can lock or unlock your door with the power of your voice.

The Wyze Lock does actually have voice control, but that was limited to Amazon Alexa when it launched back in 2019. It teased a physical wireless keypad as an additional input method and promised support for Google Assistant in 2020. That didn't happen last year, obviously, but Wyze has finally made good on its promise.

The latest update to Wyze's Android app includes support for Wyze Lock's integration with Google Home. This means that owners will be able to manage and control their smart lock from a single Google Home hub, be it a smart speaker or a smartphone. It also means being able to unlock the Wyze Lock by voice using Google Assistant, presuming you took the necessary steps to set it up.

Those necessary steps involve setting up a PIN for the lock. It seems that you will have to speak out this PIN when unlocking your door with your voice, which can be awkward and cumbersome, not to mention less secure. As Android Police recounted, it can also be error-prone at times.

The Wyze app's update on Android does also have other goodies for other Wyze products. That includes a Vacation Mode indicator for the Wyze Bulb as well as a new no-go zone rotation for the Wyze Robot Vacuum. If anything, the update shows just how many smart home products Wyze has under its belt, most of which can be controlled via Google Home, now including the Wyze Lock.