WWE Network steps into the ring on Xbox and PlayStation

All around the country one of the most popular sporting events that comes to arenas, stadiums and pay per view is World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE. During CES, WWE announced a new live streaming network that would be coming to game consoles giving fans of wrestling more access to the sport. The network will be called the WWE Network.

The WWE Network will be coming to the Xbox and PlayStation game consoles. It will be a 24/7 streaming service that gives users access to live shows and archived content for $9.99 each month for the US. Pricing for the WWE Network in other countries is unannounced.

The WWE Network will be available on computers, tablets, and smartphones as well. The first game console apps to come will be for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PS4. Those apps will be available at the launch of the service. An app for the Xbox One will come in the summer of 2014.

Among the content that will stream on the WWE Network will be WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown in both live and on-demand formats. The streams from the events will include pre and post show content as well. Live and archived access to all of the twelve yearly pay per view events will be included in the monthly subscription fee. The WWE Network will launch on February 24 and reportedly requires a six-month commitment. It will launch with 1500 hours of on demand content.