WWDC 2008 - iPhone Application Store

The new Application Store is going to be available in 62 countries when it goes live. One of the best parts about this whole store is that developers are going to be keeping most of the money for the applications they develop. For paid downloads, there will be a 70/30 split in revanue, with no money charged for free downloads.

When you go to download an application, you'll be able to grab it over the mobile phone network if it is under 10MB. Otherwise, you'll need to get yourself to a WiFi connection. Enterprise customers will be able to set up their own application store on their intranet and limit access to applications for their employees.

A new way for distributing applicaions has also been discussed. Developers can make a list of up to 100 iPhones and send apps to all of them. Uses for this would included beta tests and classroom applications.