WWDC 2007: Safari comes to Windows!

With 18 million users of Safari to date, Apple is looking to bring some of its browser sunshine to dreary Windows boxes. At the WWDC today Jobs announced that Safari will run on both Windows XP and Vista, and not only run but storm along. In on-stage demos version 3 of the browser was shown to run twice as fast as IE7, with iBench html performance tests showing scores of 4.6 and 2.2 seconds for IE7 and Safari respectively, while Javascript performance came in at 2.4 seconds and 0.9 seconds respectively.

Both Google and Yahoo! search are built in, and there's an upgrade to tabbed browsing which not only allows you to drag tabs around but also to pull them out of the browser and into a new window. As a bit of a kick in the teeth to the popular Firefox 2 browser, Safari was also shown to be 1.6 times faster.

If you want to try this new beta then you can download it at www.apple.com/safari