WWDC 2007 : Keynote Transcript

[09:06 AM] We are here! Keynote is less than an hour away

[09:46 AM] 15 minutes to WWDC kick off – the crowd is packing in!

[09:57 AM] Announcement – presentation begins in two minutes!!!!

[10:01 AM] lights dim...silence..total darkness now

[10:02 AM] mac versus pc commercial with voice of steve jobs but it's the pc dude

[10:02 AM] steve said it's big news, he quit

[10:02 AM] he's shutting down all of Apple, everyone laugh

[10:03 AM] he shows an ipod killer, called the "zune" in crap color, apple waving white flag over dudes in redmond

[10:03 AM] steve says hi to mac dude

[10:03 AM] steve walks on stage

[10:03 AM] wearing the same black shirt and jeans, welcoming the crowd

[10:04 AM] Welcome to WWDC07, reporting over 5,000 attendees, largest ever in history of Apple

[10:04 AM] 950,000 apple developer connection members

[10:05 AM] 1:4 apple engineer ratio

[10:05 AM] going back a year

[10:05 AM] intel, transition to intel was ambitious, big success, everyone did a great job

[10:06 AM] one group worked extremely hard, recognized today — intel themselves

[10:06 AM] Intel CEO Paul Otellini coming onto the stage

[10:07 AM] steve gives paul an award made out of stainless steel

[10:08 AM] Paul – working with Apple was one of his best experience ever!

[10:08 AM] steve says we're working on some great stuff – coming up "can't wait"

[10:08 AM] next up, great news about games

[10:08 AM] Electronic Arts coming to MAC in a big way

[10:08 AM] FYI: The Apple Store is down!

[10:09 AM] Bing Gordon co-founder and chief creative office on stage

[10:09 AM] command and conquer 3

[10:10 AM] coming back to MAC

[10:10 AM] 2142 battlefield

[10:10 AM] need for speed carbon

[10:10 AM] harry potter and the order of the phoenix

[10:11 AM] demonstration of harry potter the game

[10:12 AM] madden 08 and tiger woods 08

[10:12 AM] create youtube like video of your best scores

[10:13 AM] showing something awesome

[10:13 AM] id John Carmack owner and CTO

[10:14 AM] demonstration of some graphics – entire world covered in 20GB of texture

[10:16 AM] wrapping up EA and id

[10:16 AM] mac os x tiger most successful release in apple

[10:17 AM] 23% running panther

[10:17 AM] 10 % running older release than that

[10:17 AM] 2/3 running tiger

[10:17 AM] final look at leopard!!!

[10:18 AM] we get to see 10 new features

[10:18 AM] out of 300

[10:18 AM] leopard has a new desktop

[10:18 AM] feature 1

[10:20 AM] smooths out

[10:20 AM] New menu bar, new doc and something new to clean up desktop Stacks!

[10:20 AM] Consistent window look

[10:20 AM] prominent active window

[10:21 AM] stacks are folders in the dock

[10:21 AM] new dog

[10:21 AM] view as a fan or grid

[10:21 AM] throw it into any folders

[10:21 AM] one folder is called Downloads

[10:21 AM] steve is walking through the demo of stack

[10:22 AM] stack is great for easy access to your stuff

[10:24 AM] wrapping up the new desktop

[10:24 AM] 2- New Finder!

[10:25 AM] a-new sidebar

[10:25 AM] b-search other macs and servers

[10:25 AM] c-shared computers

[10:25 AM] d-bud

[10:25 AM] back to my mac

[10:25 AM] e-cover flow

[10:27 AM] leopard comes with smart searches but you can add your own

[10:28 AM] .mac always know all your ips on your network, encrypted

[10:28 AM] demo

[10:29 AM] cover flow on leopard rock! scrolling through docs is never easier and niftier, including cycling through docs

[10:30 AM] can even use cover flow to cycle through utils

[10:30 AM] steve is going through the demo of shared now

[10:32 AM] using cover flow, you can simply drag files from another computer

[10:32 AM] to your desktop

[10:33 AM] wrapping up the new finder

[10:33 AM] 3- Quick Look

[10:34 AM] a-live preview fiiles

[10:34 AM] b-text, images, movies, pdf, word

[10:36 AM] 4- leopard is 64-bit top to bottom

[10:37 AM] 64-bit goes mainstream

[10:37 AM] One version of leopard runs 32-bit and 64-bit apps sidebyside!

[10:37 AM] 64-bit cocoa

[10:37 AM] demo

[10:39 AM] demo comparing image processing of a 32-bit app versus 64-bit

[10:39 AM] done in 28.48 secs while 32-bit is still running

[10:40 AM] 32-bit done in 81 sec

[10:40 AM] 5-core animation

[10:41 AM] a-automatic animation

[10:41 AM] b-text, images, video open gl

[10:41 AM] c-high production value

[10:41 AM] etc...

[10:42 AM] cor animation demo is something you gottta see for yourself

[10:42 AM] words simply cannot describe

[10:42 AM] we'll have video up after the show

[10:43 AM] 6-Boot Camp

[10:43 AM] 2.5M downloads since release

[10:44 AM] it's built in now

[10:44 AM] Runs Windows XP and Vista

[10:44 AM] completely compatible

[10:44 AM] 3 ways to run windows

[10:44 AM] 1-boot camp

[10:44 AM] 2-parallels

[10:44 AM] 3-vmware

[10:45 AM] all three solutions for you to occassionaly run windows

[10:45 AM] 7-Spaces

[10:45 AM] group applications into separate spaces

[10:45 AM] instantly switch between spaces

[10:45 AM] easily move between apps

[10:46 AM] demo of Spaces

[10:46 AM] can hold down arrow keys and move around

[10:46 AM] rearranging space is easy too

[10:46 AM] select, drag and rop

[10:47 AM] rearrange the applications within the space

[10:47 AM] moving the app from one space to another

[10:47 AM] so that's spaces...

[10:48 AM] 8-dashboard

[10:48 AM] 3,000 widgets out there

[10:48 AM] apple is adding one more widget – allow you to search for movies and theatres

[10:48 AM] even buy tickets on fandango

[10:48 AM] ships with leopards

[10:49 AM] new technology called WebClip

[10:49 AM] allows users to make widgets out of anything on the Internet

[10:52 AM] making widgets is extremely easy!

[10:53 AM] all widgets update automatically

[10:54 AM] Dashcode ships in every copy of leopard

[10:54 AM] 9-iChat!

[10:54 AM] better audio – acc-ld

[10:55 AM] tabbed chats

[10:55 AM] photo booth affects

[10:55 AM] iChat Theater

[10:55 AM] back drops

[10:55 AM] those are the new features of iChat

[10:55 AM] ichat theaters let you share fotos

[10:55 AM] docs

[10:55 AM] with others

[10:56 AM] steve demo ichat with phil

[10:56 AM] phil sounds like a robot lol

[10:56 AM] demo, photos are displayed right in the chat

[10:56 AM] from iPhoto

[10:57 AM] wow! videos play directly in ichat window!

[10:57 AM] it uses quicklook technology

[10:58 AM] everyone clap...pretty impressive!

[10:58 AM] ok, backdrops now

[10:58 AM] you step out of the frame, once it's done you can step back

[10:59 AM] phil looks like he's inside and aquarium or infront of a waterfall

[10:59 AM] dude, phil is blue – thermal

[10:59 AM] or upside down

[10:59 AM] now he's transparent!

[11:00 AM] he's got a pic of washington, and his lips

[11:00 AM] now he's got steve ballmer!

[11:00 AM] dude, how rad is that "I love my mac" and sticks his tongue out

[11:01 AM] wrapping up ichat and ichat theater

[11:01 AM] 10-Time Machine

[11:02 AM] automatically back up everything

[11:03 AM] back up to local or network drive

[11:03 AM] back up one base station to back up all the macs in your house or office

[11:03 AM] search back in time for last files

[11:03 AM] using spotlight search

[11:03 AM] preview them with quick look

[11:03 AM] restore them with one click

[11:03 AM] or restore your entire mac

[11:06 AM] wrapping up Time Machine

[11:06 AM] so, is there that "one last thing"?!

[11:06 AM] these are just 10 of over 300 features

[11:07 AM] developers are getting a copy today

[11:07 AM] surprise surprise!

[11:07 AM] Basic version – $129

[11:07 AM] Premium – $129

[11:07 AM] LMAO!

[11:07 AM] Business version $129

[11:07 AM] Ultimate Version $129

[11:07 AM] Ultimat Version with everything is still ONLY $129!

[11:08 AM] but...

[11:08 AM] there is ONE other thing!!!!

[11:08 AM] damn, it's only Safari – sorry guys

[11:09 AM] IE market share is 78%k firefox 15%

[11:09 AM] Jobs want Safari to grow in market share

[11:09 AM] create a version of Safari on Windows!!

[11:10 AM] Safari 3 rus on XP and Vista

[11:10 AM] they exist today

[11:10 AM] how does safari's speed measure on Windows?

[11:11 AM] safari runs twices as fast as IE

[11:12 AM] fastest browser on Windows

[11:12 AM] 1.6 times faster than firefox 2

[11:12 AM] google and search

[11:12 AM] built in

[11:13 AM] steve thinks it's odd, he's having to run XP

[11:13 AM] to demo Safari

[11:13 AM] poor guy!

[11:13 AM] new tab feature, you an drag tabs around

[11:13 AM] or drag them off and they go into their own window

[11:13 AM] ibench test shoot out

[11:13 AM] im capturing video for those who want to see it later

[11:13 AM] ibench simply loads a bunch of web sites

[11:13 AM] 6.64 sec for safarie

[11:13 AM] 13.56 sec for ie

[11:13 AM] holy cow!

[11:13 AM] Distribution?

[11:14 AM] 500,000 firefox downloads a day

[11:20 AM] one last thing

[11:21 AM] the iPhone

[11:21 AM] it's only 18 days from now

[11:21 AM] for developers

[11:21 AM] no sdk

[11:21 AM] shipping on june 29th, at 6pm

[11:21 AM] web 2.0 and ajax

[11:21 AM] integrate into iphone services

[11:22 AM] instant distribtion

[11:22 AM] secure

[11:22 AM] yep

[11:22 AM] and sandboxed on iphone

[11:24 AM] scott forstall vp iphone software just completed the demo

[11:24 AM] apps built can be ran on safari browser the mac

[11:26 AM] wrapping up

[11:28 AM] That's all folks, we are done :)