WWDC 2007: iChat media sharing & real-time effects Video

Continuing our video footage from WWDC07, here's Apple's Phil Schiller demonstrating the new features of Leopard's iChat instant-messaging software. The focus here is definitely on better communication and streamlining the way information is exchanged; in the first half of the demo we see the photo, video and document sharing – as easy as dragging a spreadsheet, say, into the iChat window – while in the second half it's a more lighthearted look at iChat's real-time video processing effects.[flv]https://www.slashgear.com/media/wwdc-2007-ichat-demo.flv[/flv]The Star Wars holograph effect is particularly impressive – I love that occasional shimmer!Make sure to check out the rest of SlashGear's WWDC coverage.