WSJ iPad app priced: $17.29 each month

After we scoffed at the leaked iPad Wall Street Journal pricing last month, it turns out the paper themselves were deadly serious.  A new promo page for the WSJ's iPad app has gone live, and we now know it'll cost you $3.99 per week if you want access to subscriber-only content, seven-day access to the archives, and the ability to save sections and articles for later reading.

That works out to $17.29 per month, and of course you may have to pay sales tax on top of it too.  Payment is by credit card, not through the App Store itself, and if you choose to download the WSJ app but not actually subscribe, you'll only have access to the top articles section and their market data.

Is $17.29 per month reasonable for access to the Business, Markets and Opinion sections, among others?  Only you know how much you value the WSJ's insight to answer that.  Still, it seems on the heavy side given Apple's tablet was supposed to be the salvation to ailing print margins.