Wrapsol Ultra adhesive film claims to protect devices from a 6-foot fall

Typically, as soon as I buy a new gadget I stat looking for things to keep it safe and scratch free. I have used scratch-resistant films on my iPhone since I got it. A new scratch resistant film called Wrapsol Ultra has been announced that claims to not only protect your iPhone from scratches, but from falls as well.

According to Wrapsol, the new Ultra film protects from falls of up to 6-feet. Shock absorption properties are not something that is normally found in a film. Wrapsol makes films that are pre-cut for the iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, DROID, and Nexus One as well as other devices.

The film applies in three steps with no liquid needed in the application process. The company says that the adhesive helps to remove air bubbles as well for a smooth install. The film starts at $24.99.