WowWee Roboscooper channels Wall-E

Robotics company WowWee has outed its latest domestic 'bot offering, and they've looked to Wall-E for their inspiration.  The WowWee Roboscooper is a six-wheeled remote-controlled robot with a big set of grabbing hands that can pick up objects and deposit them in the cargo bay at the back.

Both direct control and autonomous modes are on offer, with the latter using infra-red sensors to spot objects and scoop them up.  Alternatively Roboscooper can be set to bat them aside, and as with other WowWee 'bots there's a variety of sound effects and voice clips which should keep the kids occupied.

Maximum load is apparently around an ounce, and according to Hammacher Schlemmer the Roboscooper can spot objects up to a foot away.  Expected to ship at the end of August 2010, the Roboscooper is up for preorder now at $69.99.

[via RobotsRule - thanks Robert!]