WowWee Roboscooper Available for Pre-Order, Slips Into Our Hearts

Evan Selleck - Aug 2, 2010
WowWee Roboscooper Available for Pre-Order, Slips Into Our Hearts

So far, small robots seem to be the best kind. They tend to be ridiculously cute, and if they’re small enough, then we know that we don’t have to worry about them taking over the world. Unless you include sheer numbers. In any event, here’s the WowWee Roboscooper. He does pretty much what you might imagine from his title: he scoops up things. But, before you think he may take the place of your robotic vacuum, there’s a catch.

That catch, unfortunately, is that the little guy won’t pick up anything that weighs more than one ounce. Yeah, that’s right — there’s a weight restriction, and it’s a pretty bold one. Basically, that means if you’ve got some paper clips lying around the floor, or something of similar stature, then you’ll have some use for the little robot. But, if you tend to not drop things that small, or just don’t care that they’re down there, then the WowWee Roboscooper probably won’t be your next purchase.

Roboscooper will work just fine on his own, wandering around your abode and finding things to pick up. But, if you want more control, then feel free to take the remote into your own hands and guide him around. Or, if you feel like you need to whack your cat off one particular spot on the ground, then Roboscooper will do that, too, thanks to a new mode called (you guessed it) “Whack Mode.” We’re not exactly sure why that function is there, but hey, we’re sure it’d be entertaining to watch. The WowWee Roboscooper is available to pre-order now, and it will cost you $70 for the ‘bot, and a little extra for the six AAA batteries you’ll need to use to power him up.

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