WowWee Femisapien gets reviewed: best programming interface yet

WowWee seem to be in a routine of releasing new robots every couple of months, and it's now the turn of the Femisapien – also known as SEGA's E.M.A. or 'Kissing Robot' – to go through the Robots Rule review process.  What makes her particularly special is the way WowWee encourage you to interact and programme her; yes, you can use their remote control, but the Femisapien will just as happily respond to touch and tapping, together with hand gestures and even posing her limbs for the robot to memorize. Check out the video demo of the Femisapien after the cut

"I'm truly amazed by Femisapien and recommend her wholeheartedly as a toy for men, women, boys, and girls alike. She's the best robot dancer I've seen in her price range and even in robots costing vastly more. Her uniquely designed interface makes her an entertainment robot that is quick to love and even quicker to get to play with. WowWee has done a brilliant job in engineering a robot that is both graceful and loaded with functionality and then hiding all that functionality behind a sleek tough exterior that can take a fair amount of punishment" Robert Oschler, Robots Rule 

WowWee are keen on their robots interacting, and Femisapien is no different.  She's able to control and be controlled via infra-red signals between the 'bots.  There are also numerous modes for using the Femisapien on her own, including self-determined wandering, a guard mode and, of course, the teaching mode where you can quickly establish patterns to be repeated.

It's not all perfect, of course - the Femisapien forgets any programmed routines when you cycle the power, and she's only really happy on a hard floor or table, not carpet – but with an estimated tag of just $99 I agree with Robert that she'll see many buyers.  Robert has put together a demo video of the Femisapien dancing, just to show how easily she's programmed; you can see it here.