WowWee Dragonfly takes first review flight

Now I'm no pillar of the community (though those rumours that I shoot at homeless people from the back of a pick-up truck are both libellous and untrue) but even I would draw the line at getting a poor WowWee Dragonfly amped up on full-sugar Dr Pepper and watching it dizzy around the room.  Those tricksy devils at PC Magazine obviously have no morals, however, and see nothing wrong in giving the little fella a sip of the good stuff in order to get a decent review.


They found him to be tricky to get used to initially, but soon were doing spirals and controlled flights (although only for about 10 seconds before crashing).  Build quality was surprisingly resilient to unexpected landings, and battery life matched up to the promised seven minutes per twenty minute charge.

While WowWee would have you believe that he's suitable for indoor and outdoor flight, in PC Mag's experience you'd have to live somewhere with zero wind if you don't want the ultra-lightweight body to just get swept away.

Still, a 4/5 score is impressive, as are reviewer Lance Ulanoff's closing thoughts:

"All in all, it's the most fun I've had with a flying toy since I got my first rubber-band–powered wooden plane. Boy, I can't wait for spring!"

PC Magazine [via Street Tech]