WowWee Alive Cub: White Tiger robot unboxed

We've learnt to expect great things from WowWee's ever-increasing robot range, and while their next creation – the Alive Cub – might not be able to wander your house or play games of laser tag with you, it'll probably be a hit with a new, younger audience.  Basically a robotic version of a baby animal, the Alive Cubs are plush and interactive; RoboCommunity have unboxed the White Tiger version, and you can see their demo video after the cut.

Hidden sensors under the fur let the cub respond to you, and it has a broad range of facial movements.  There are no leg motors, though, so it sadly won't be following you around the house; I was hoping for a furry, naturalistic version of Pleo, really, but it's obviously not to be in this generation.

The Alive Cub range – featuring White Tiger, Panda, Lion, and Polar Bear varieties – is available for around $59.99.  I'm afraid it hasn't quite won me away from Yume Neko Smile, but if they bring out a walking version my loyalties may be sorely tested.

[thanks Peter!]