WOWO Dog Pod: for all those pampered pets

Although it does kind of look like something made for people, this is actually for small dogs. If you have a trendy home, those plain pillows made for normal pets might not be your thing.

I actually think this bed is adorable, although it does make me cringe a little because it is nicer than the furniture I own for myself. Then again I really do hate those boring pillows, they get in your way and they just look dorky. I just don't think I would go as far as to buy one of these.

It is made of bent ply, solid wood legs and the fluffy little pad is completely washable. It comes in bamboo, walnut, maple, cherry and white oak. However, fashion comes at a price; the bed is priced at $629.95.

Wowo Dog Pod – mid-century design for your pet [via retro to go]