WoW patch 2.4.3 is live

Remember that patch for World of Warcraft I mentioned a little while ago? This was the one which lowered not only the cost of obtaining your first mount, but also the level requirement as well. Well this patch has finally hit the live servers, making low-level characters everywhere very excited.

In case you missed the previous memo, you can now pony up 35G at level 30 to get yourself a mount. This does not change the requirements for subsequent mounts, but will definitely make those 10 levels between 30 and 40 go much quicker.

A few other big changes include contstruction of a new dock inside of Stormwind city in preparation for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. You'll also find a few new time management features such as an alarm and stop watch. Now maybe you won't look up and realize you're an hour late for work anymore.