WoW players to get mounts at level 30

I still haven't kicked my WoW habit, and with the looming Wrath of the Lich King expansion coming later this year, it doesn't look like I'll be kicking it any time soon. Blizzard is still releasing new patches fairly often, and the latest one that has been announced brings about a major change to mounts that should make leveling new characters go even faster.

According to the patch notes for 2.4.3 (which is now live on the test realms) "Mounts at 30?! Yes, it's true: Apprentice Riding and mounts are now available at level 30. Training costs 35 gold." Just from reading that in the patch notes, they're as excited about it as we are.

I can only imagine that this is being introduced so that players can more easily get up to level 70 in anticipation of the new content (and additional levels) being introduced by the new expansion. That, and to help out people (like our own Abby) who have a severe case of altitis.

[via WoW]