Would you pay for Google Play Movies All Access?

Would you pay for Play Movies All Access? If so, how much would you pay? That was the question we posed to our Facebook audience today, and the results were mixed. Some were very interested, while others had a different view on the matter.

We don't yet have unfettered access to movies or non-music media via Google or Apple. Google has their Play Music All Access, which is popular amongst Android enthusiasts. The unlimited streaming option and features like the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button keep Play Music at the top of the heap.

Still, the Netflix-esque option seems like something users could get behind. What we discovered was that most were simply unwilling to pay for the option, saying in no uncertain terms the option wasn't for them.

Of those willing to pony up for unlimited access, it seems Netflix has set the pricing standard. Something around ten bucks seems to be the right price for those who were willing to pay.

What about you? Would you be willing to pay for Play Movies All Access? Is the movie library Google has available good enough for you? Let us know on Facebook, or via the comments section below!